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The overwhelming amount of new tea from 2016 is enough to make you want to hide in a pumidor. Today, I’m having the 2016 “Diving Duck” from White2Tea.

...or "Dwing" Duck as I like to read it
…or “Dwing” Duck as I like to read it

Diving Duck is a sheng puerh (生 – sheng, 普洱 – puerh) pressed into a disk shape (餅 – bing; literally “cake”). The dry leaves look delicious and have a bright sheng scent.

About to dive in...
About to dive in…


I swear – if you’ve had one young sheng, you probably understand the standard brightness, vibrancy, bitterness, and astringency that comes along with it. The rinse is a light peach with soft flavors, most likely needing a little more time to wake up. The first full five-second steep yields a bright taste with a full body, slightly fruity and with wood notes. Unsurprisingly, this tea is listed as a Yiwu blend.

Region note: Yiwu Shan (易武 – yiwu, 山 shan; literally “mountain”) is one of the largest and most famous tea mountains and one of the “six famous tea mountains.” Typically, Yiwu teas have a wood-like note.

Starting the dive
Starting the dive

Steeps Two through Five – Steep two was ten seconds long and yielded more young sheng characteristics – bitterness and astringency (苦 – ku; literally “bitter”, 涩 – se; literally “astringent”). Bitterness and astringency are typical components of young sheng; however, these should be followed by a lingering sweetness (回甜 – huigan; literally “sweet return”). Steep three (15 seconds) continues the trend of bitterness and astringency; however, moving into steep four and five, there are defined notes of apricot and grass.

Underwater now...
Underwater now…

Finishing the Session

Diving Duck continues with the typical young sheng profile of bitterness and astringency, but mixes it up with some woodiness, apricot, and grass flavors. This tea would be more enjoyable with age, so if you pick some up, try it every few months to see how it progresses.

Until the next cup.

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