1980s “Dank Brick” – Beautiful Taiwan Tea Company

If there’s one thing that my tea friends know about me, it’s that I love dank tea. And seeing a self-proclaimed dank tea?? You know I had to buy some!

This 1980s “Dank Brick” from Beautiful Taiwan Tea Company is a sheng puerh (生 – sheng, 普洱 – puerh) pressed into a 250g brick shape (砖茶 – zhuancha; literally “tea brick”).

The brick awaits…

I don’t know much about this tea other than it’s estimated to be from the 1980s, it was stored in Taiwan, and, from the look of it, there’s a subtle frosty coating on the brick.


I gave this tea a longer rinse to open up the leaves and wash off the 80s funk that might be in there. The taste is quite good. Even the first steep is relatively smooth and free of overwhelming storage tastes. Typically in a wet stored tea or a dank tea, you get a lot of heavy storage flavors.

Nice and thick

The main notes of this tea are sweet wood, and ripe cherry. There’s not a whole lot of dankness to this tea – or at least as much as I would want. The tea is clear and smooth throughout. There’s good viscosity and an oiliness to the tea.

Finishing the Session

This tea has a lot to offer in uniqueness and longevity, but not necessarily complexity. I found this tea to be very good, but definitely was of a similar note throughout the entire session. That’s not necessarily a bad thing though, especially with older teas. This one was stored well and, I think, provides a good value at $89/250g. Though, if you wanted a really wet tea, I’d tell you that this might not hit the notes you’re looking for.

Brick pic

Until the next cup.